Pure silk face mask - DIJON
Pure silk face mask - DIJON
Pure silk face mask - DIJON
Pure silk face mask - DIJON
Pure silk face mask - DIJON
Atelier JST

Pure silk face mask - DIJON

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This triple layered face mask is made of pure silk in matte dijon colour.

Dijon is not overpowering, yet not subtle either.
Dijon is the perfect pistachio toned mustard for complimenting all of your autumn wardrobe - bringing a strong pop of autumnal colour without distracting from the beauty of all that surrounds. 

This mask is designed to provide tight and secure fit, it forms an effective barrier whilst remaining comfortable and breathable. Mask is made of 100% silk - a natural fabric, ideal for a face cover. It feels softer against the face skin than other fibres, it has a smooth surface and is extremely fine. Everyone can appreciate this, but particularly important for those with sensitive skin.  

This face mask is washable.


  • 5.5x9.5"  (14x24cm) 


  • 100% silk
  • Hand wash only 
  • Iron when damp

Atelier JST considers reusable face masks to be a hygiene product that cannot be returned.
We do not accept returns on face masks, so each customer can be sure that the mask he/she is getting has never been worn by anyone before.

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